Meet Ali Sedighi, the heart and soul of Rank Marketing—Vancouver’s go-to digital marketing agency. With a remarkable 16-year journey in the industry, Ali isn’t just another marketer; he’s a passionate and innovative leader in the digital agency world.


Who is Ali Sedighi? 🤔

Ali Sedighi is an accomplished marketing specialist, digital marketing specialist, sales and marketing specialist, and campaign manager. His multi-disciplinary skills have been honed over 16 years, making him a stalwart in the marketing realm. What sets him apart? His love for what he does and an unyielding spirit of innovation.

Location: Where is Ali Sedighi Based? 🗺️

Ali operates primarily out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he founded Rank Marketing 16 years ago. His agency offers both on-site and remote services to clients worldwide.

Ali Sedighi: A Passionate Innovator ⏳

Available for immediate engagement, Ali brings a unique blend of passion and ingenuity to every project. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or contract services, expect nothing short of excellence.


Ali Sedighi’s Services: An Overview 🛠️

  • Social Media Marketing 📱
    • Creating lasting digital impressions.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 🌐
    • Strategic techniques for top Google rankings.
  • PPC Advertising 💵
    • Driving ROI through effective campaigns.

Why Choose Ali Sedighi’s Rank Marketing? 🌟

  • Strategic Planning 📑
    • A 16-year legacy in data-driven solutions.
  • Business Analytics 📊
    • Providing actionable insights for decision-making.
  • Corporate Training 🎓
    • Equipping your team with the latest marketing tools and strategies.



When you choose Ali Sedighi and Rank Marketing, you’re opting for 16 years of expertise, a passion for marketing, and a commitment to innovative strategies. Reach out today for a custom quote that matches your needs.